Discover the science behind our antibacterial technology.

Scientific study confirms: 90% of all brushes and blenders are bad for your skin.

The two microbiologists P. Lambert and A. Bashir proved it* in February 2020 in the Applied Journal of Microbiology (UK) - 90% of all make-up sponges are contaminated with bacteria and fungi.

The problem with this?

All these germs end up on our skin every time we apply makeup. This can not only cause skin blemishes, but also have health consequences.


And if this was not already bad enough...

Numerous other cases have been documented in the media which empirically prove that conventional makeup tools are bad for your skin and health.

Some of the people in these cases have contracted serious infections such as staphylococcus, resulting in several weeks of hospitalization and significant health risks.


It's time for a revolution.

Clean beauty tools must become the new standard. Too many people have had to suffer from dirty, contaminated sponges and brushes.

Not anymore.

VYBE™ has developed the worldwide first antibacterial makeup tools using vegan and 100% natural active ingredients for improving skin health while using high quality materials for flawless makeup looks.

The antibacterial effect of our tools is scientifically proven and 100% safe for your skin.

In the scientific study listed below, the antibacterial effect of silver ions against skin-damaging germs was proven.

VYBE™ uses silver ions in micro-particle size because, unlike nanoparticles, they cannot penetrate the skin barrier. This means our technology is 100% safe for you and your skin.